Exhibition Location

The 33rd China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition (China Glass 2024), organized by the Chinese Ceramic Society and hosted by Beijing Zhongsi Exhibition Co., Ltd., will kick off at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from April 25th to 28th, 2024. China Glass 2024 will comprehensively showcase technological innovations and achievements in green and low-carbon development in the glass industry, promoting high-quality development in China’s glass industry. During the event, over 100,000 industry colleagues from around the world will gather in Shanghai to explore new technologies, products, and concepts in the glass industry. JCZ will showcase a variety of laser processing solutions applicable to the glass industry.

Exhibition Highlights

JCZ will debut its Intelligent-Continuous laser processing system at the glass industry exhibition for the first time. The Intelligent-Continuous laser processing system is a real-time closed-loop control system independently developed by JCZ. It effectively addresses the low precision, poor process effect, difficult and slow debugging, and long processing time issues often encountered in laser processing of large-area glass. It is applied in processes such as marking and film removal on large-area glass. It features various galvanometer motion axis linkage processing schemes, including various sorting methods, achieving continuous, seamless process effects, good adaptability to drawings, high efficiency, and high precision. It also has a comprehensive camera precision positioning function, enabling the entire process from drawing import, editing, debugging, to processing to be completed in one station. Depending on the different needs of customers, we can provide two product forms: Zeus_V1 card with development kit or Zeus_V1 card with Zeus software, and different software versions based on the differences in optional components. It provides a powerful solution for upgrading the laser processing industry to high-end manufacturing.

Laser Processing Solutions for Brittle Materials


With 20 years of experience in the laser industry, JCZ provides a series of high-quality and efficient laser processing solutions for the glass industry, targeting efficiency, precision, and other issues in glass marking, film removal, internal engraving, drilling, and cutting fields.

Self-developed Glass Cutting System

The P2000 is a cutting system launched by JCZ for glass processing. This system can control femtosecond and picosecond lasers for high-speed and high-precision processing of brittle materials such as glass.


Company Introduction

Beijing JCZ Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code 688291), founded in 2004, focuses on the research and development of control software and systems in the laser industrial processing field. It is recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as a specialized, refined, special, and new “Little Giant” enterprise, a specialized, refined, special, and new “Little Giant” enterprise in Beijing, and a high-tech enterprise recognized by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission. JCZ adheres to the core philosophy of “respecting every individual, improving life with technology, and achieving win-win and sustainable development,” and is committed to realizing the corporate vision of “expert in beam transmission and control.”

In the future, JCZ will continue to innovate in technology, continue to focus on creating a “beam transmission and control” technology platform, provide customers with “integrated drive and control” products and overall solutions, provide high-quality products and services to system integrators and users, and become a competitive and influential “expert in beam transmission and control.”

During the exhibition, we will arrange a professional technical team to answer your questions on-site and provide you with personalized laser processing solutions for the glass industry. We sincerely invite you to visit our booth and explore the future trends of the glass industry together with JCZ. JCZ is more than just about marking!