The DLC series is control cards used in conjunction with the EZCAD3 software for 2D laser marking, 3D surface marking and engraving, deep engraving, galvo cutting, galvo welding, galvo cleaning, flying marking, XY platform-controlled marking, rotary axis marking, large-area galvo controlled marking. These cards are manufactured by BJJCZ, a company that specializes in laser control systems and software.

The DLC control card and EZCAD3 software can perform real-time synchronous control of the 2D/3D scanning galvanometer and laser.

DLC2: A Digital High-Performance Fiber Laser Marking Card with USB 2.0 Interface, Supporting Various Leading Digital Galvanometers on the Market, Expandable to a 4-Axis Motion Control Board.

DLC2: A USB 2.0 Interface Digital High-Performance Fiber Laser Marking Card, Compatible with Various Leading Digital Galvanometers on the Market, Expandable to 6-Axis Motion Control and Multiple Analog Input and Output Functions.

The DLC board offers support for optical fiber, CO2, YAG, and UV lasers. and supports XY2-100, SPI, RAYLASE, and CANON galvanometer protocols.

The DLC2-ETH-2D/3D-V4 board is an improved design based on the DLC2-V3.2 version, which optimizes the original network port and some extended functions

Paired seamlessly with the latest EZCAD3 software, DLC2 is your go-to solution for the automation production line. It excels in various applications such as laser marking, engraving, cleaning, cutting, and welding.

echnical Features and Functional Advantages

Advanced Real-Time Control Algorithm

The DLC series control card adopts advanced real-time control algorithms, enabling millisecond-level rapid response and micrometer-level precision control. This allows the laser processing system to maintain excellent processing quality while operating at high speeds.

Multi-Head Control

The DLC series control card has the capability of multi-head synchronous control, allowing a single software to simultaneously control multiple board cards, lasers, or processing operations. This enables the execution of complex processing tasks, such as multi-station marking processing and simultaneous processing on multiple surfaces, thereby enhancing processing efficiency and flexibility.

Flexible Customization Functionality

The DLC series control card offers rich customization features, allowing users to flexibly configure settings based on specific requirements, catering to diverse industries and application scenarios. Whether it’s marking speed, power control, or processing path planning, personalized settings can be applied.

Highly Stable Performance

Benefiting from high-quality hardware design and reliable software algorithms, the DLC series control card exhibits highly stable performance. It maintains excellent operational status even during prolonged operation and in harsh environments, ensuring stable operation of production lines.

The DLC series control card has broad application prospects in the laser processing field, including but not limited to:

Laser Marking: Used for marking and engraving on materials such as metal, plastic, and glass.

Laser Welding: Employed for precise welding and joining of metal parts.

Laser Cutting: Utilized for accurate cutting of metal sheets, pipes, and other materials.

Laser Drilling: Applied for high-precision hole machining on materials such as metal and ceramics.

As an innovative engine in the field of laser processing, the DLC series control cards continuously promote the progress and development of laser processing technology with their advanced technical characteristics and functional advantages. With the widespread application of laser technology in various industries, the DLC series control cards will continue to play an important role in providing users with more efficient and reliable laser processing solutions.