The LMCV4 series and LMC-PCIE series are control cards used in conjunction with the EZCAD2 software for controlling laser marking and engraving systems. These cards are manufactured by BJJCZ, a company that specializes in laser control systems and software.

– Description: The LMCV4 series is a type of control card designed for laser marking applications. It is likely an updated version from the LMCV3 series, offering improved features and performance.

– Compatibility: It is designed to work with the EZCAD2 software, providing a reliable interface for controlling laser systems.

– Description: The LMC-PCIE series is another type of control card designed to be compatible with the PCI Express (PCIe) interface. PCIe cards are commonly used in computers for high-speed data transfer.

– Compatibility: Like the LMCV4 series, the LMC-PCIE series is also intended to work with the EZCAD2 software, offering a PCI Express interface for communication with the laser marking and engraving system.

When using these control cards, it’s important to ensure that they are compatible with the specific model of laser system you are working with. Additionally, proper installation of drivers and firmware updates may be necessary for optimal performance.