How does the galvo laser head work?

Explore the technology behind the GO7 and G3 series galvanometer scanners

The galvo laser head is an integral part of the laser system and plays a vital role in guiding the laser beam accurately and quickly. The GO7 and G3 series are among the most advanced galvo scanners available, offering high performance for a variety of applications. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the inner workings of a galvo laser head, focusing on the technology behind the GO7 and G3 series and how they improve the efficiency and accuracy of your laser system.

Understand the basics of galvanometer laser heads

Galvo laser heads are designed to manipulate laser beams by using mirrors that can move at high speeds with extremely high precision. These mirrors, called galvanometer mirrors or galvanometers, are controlled by galvanometer motors and can move quickly and accurately. The galvanometer laser head consists of two galvanometers, one for the X-axis and the other for the Y-axis, which can control the laser beam in two dimensions.

The function of galvanometer scanner in laser system

Galvanometer scanners such as the GO7 and G3 series are important components in laser systems, enabling precise positioning and fast scanning of laser beams. These scanners are commonly used for laser marking, engraving, cutting, and other industrial applications that require high-speed, precise laser beam manipulation.

GO7 Series: Advanced Features and Functions

The GO7 series of galvanometer scanners are known for their advanced features and capabilities, making them a popular choice for industrial laser applications. These scanners are equipped with high-speed galvanometer motors for fast, precise laser beam positioning. Additionally, the GO7 Series offers wide scan angles and excellent linearity, ensuring consistent and accurate laser marking and engraving.

G3 Series: Precision and reliability in laser beam control

The G3 Series galvanometer scanners are designed to provide precision and reliability in laser beam control. With its high-resolution optical encoder and advanced control algorithms, the G3 Series ensures precise and repeatable laser beam positioning. These scanners are ideal for applications that require exceptional accuracy, such as micromachining and semiconductor processing.

The technology behind the GO7 and G3 Series galvo scanners

Both the GO7 and G3 series galvanometer scanners use advanced technology to achieve high-performance laser beam control. These scanners are equipped with a digital servo control system for precise and sensitive positioning of the galvanometer mirror. In addition, the scanner features a high-resolution optical encoder that provides feedback for precise mirror positioning, ensuring consistent and reliable laser beam control.

The role of galvanometer scanners in laser marking and engraving

Laser marking and engraving are common applications that benefit from the accuracy and speed of galvo scanners. Galvanometer scanners quickly position the laser beam for efficient marking and engraving on a variety of materials, including metals, plastics and ceramics. The GO7 and G3 Series galvanometer scanners are ideally suited for these applications, delivering the performance and reliability required for high-quality results.

Application of galvanometer laser heads in industrial processes

Galvo laser heads play a vital role in a variety of industrial processes, including laser welding, cutting and additive manufacturing. The high-speed and high-precision capabilities of galvo scanners make them indispensable in these applications, allowing for efficient and accurate laser beam control. The GO7 and G3 Series galvanometer scanners are designed to meet the demands of industrial processes, delivering the performance and durability required to operate continuously in challenging environments.

Advances in Galvanometer Scanning Technology

The field of galvanometer scanner technology continues to evolve, driven by the need for higher performance and greater efficiency in laser systems. The GO7 and G3 series of galvanometer scanners represent the latest advancements in galvanometer technology, delivering greater speed, accuracy and reliability. Designed to meet the changing needs of industrial applications, these scanners provide the precision and control required for demanding laser processes.

In short, the galvanometer laser head (such as the GO7 and G3 series galvanometer scanners) is an important component in the laser system, enabling precise and rapid control of the laser beam. The advanced technology and high performance of these scanners make them ideal for a variety of industrial applications, from laser marking and engraving to welding and cutting. As the demand for efficient, accurate laser processing continues to grow, the GO7 and G3 Series galvo scanners are at the forefront of galvanometer scanner technology, driving innovation and excellence in laser beam control.