Exhibition Products

Beijing JCZ Technology Co., Ltd. has been deeply involved in the laser control field for 20 years, persistently focusing on independent research and innovation in laser processing control systems. Recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as a specialized and innovative “small giant” enterprise, we have gained continuous recognition from renowned equipment manufacturers both domestically and internationally, establishing a significant presence in the industry.In this exhibition, we will showcase our latest DLC2-V4 control system. This system has been upgraded to enhance its anti-interference performance and now includes a watchdog function to prevent abnormal laser emissions, ensuring greater system stability.

According to various process requirements, JCZ offers different types of scanning modules including high-speed, high-precision, flat, and curved surfaces. These modules can be applied to various laser processing techniques such as laser marking, laser precision welding, laser precision cutting, laser 3D printing, and more.


Based on EZCAD3, JCZ control system has been tailored to various industry applications, resulting in solutions such as flying welding systems, large-format processing control systems, 3D printing control systems, polarizer marking control systems, and rotary flying welding control systems.

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